Learn about the ClassFlow feature updates that are coming soon in August 2017.

Curious about what we’ve been up to at ClassFlow? We have been working hard on the new release. Here’s a preview of the features we will be releasing after mid-August 2017!


New Homepage

We’ve given a fresh look to the ClassFlow homepage, providing teachers with access to the Instant Whiteboard, quick polls, as well as the ability to quickly create lessons, activities, and assessments all in one place!

Take a sneak peek of the new ClassFlow Homepage coming August 2017.


Open Class

We are replacing “Ad hoc Class” with the “Open Class” which is a class that is always connected. The Class Code will be prominently displayed here, allowing students to connect instantly.


Simplified Assessment Builder

The Assessment Builder, which is now accessible directly from the homepage, has been redesigned to simplify the user experience. Teachers will be able to create, preview, and deliver exams or quizzes effortlessly.


Redesigned Presenter and Instant Whiteboard
  • The Presenter and Instant Whiteboard can now be viewed and used in full-screen mode.
  • You will see the new Connection Panel at the top right of the screen which is the place to go to when you want to access the Open Class, send cards or conduct a poll for your students.


Improved Results Viewer

Teachers will now be able to initiate multiple polls from the same card and categorize student responses in a mind-map fashion! The responses can be moved and connected as they come onto the screen. All designed to engage students even further!

Word Seed entries my be organized into categories.


New ClassFlow Activity Feed
  • Teacher view: The new Activity Feed is the main hub for teachers to share delivered lessons, activities, assignments, classroom photos, announcements, and communicate with students and parents.
  • Student view: Students can view assignments, review a lesson and play an activity directly from their feed. They can also comment on a post and collaborate with other students.
  • Parent view: Parents can view the Activity Feed from the updated ClassFlow Moments App.


Marketplace Updates

Teachers will have access to more content from Gooru. The Marketplace will now have over 4.3 million resources!



Original source: ClassFlow.com (https://classflow.com/updates-august-2017/)