Participate in a full day of learning with webinar courses at Camp ClassFlow.

As a teacher turned Instructional Technology Specialist, I learned a long time ago that if you wait for professional development (PD), it may never come to you. I always seek out forms of PD that allow me to integrate technology in the classroom while also getting real time support.


It is for this reason, that I’ve set aside time on my calendar for July 25 for the 2nd Annual Camp ClassFlow. Last year, I enjoyed participating with daily tweets from Camp ClassFlow all summer long. This year’s updated model which will let me enjoy a full day of learning from my living room (or home office, or classroom) just gets me giddy!


I’m excited to take advantage of the webinar courses that will be offered by a team of ClassFlow Experts. Knowing that I can pick and choose the courses allows me to customize my PD based on my needs. Courses are offered during seven-time slots on July 25, beginning at 9 a.m. EST and continuing every hour on the hour until the final course scheduled at 3 p.m. EST.


After scouring the schedule and reading the course descriptions, there are three courses I’m most excited about. The three courses are: Gathering Data for Instruction, Polling with ClassFlow, and Including Parents in the Learning Process courses.


Gathering Data for Instruction

With district evaluations in mind, I know that I’ll find the data for instruction piece extremely valuable. After reading the course description, I know that I’ll learn how to take full advantage of ClassFlow with formative and summative assessments. I’ve always wanted to use assessments to customize the curriculum for my students.

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Polling with ClassFlow

I’m looking forward to this course as I’ve only scratched the surface with polling in ClassFlow. There are eight different polling options, but I’ve only used a few. My favorite poll option is the creative response, but I’m looking forward to learning about all of the other polling opportunities available.

Including Parents in the Learning Process

Parent and teacher communication is important. I’ve done everything in my classroom from email newsletters, a class Twitter feed, a class Facebook page, and a hard copy newsletter. The description of this course elaborates on the fact that this course will deep dive into the ClassFlow Moments App. I’m a fan of classroom apps, especially those that help me share positive student information with the parents.


I’m sure I’ll be attending some other sessions, but these three are my top priorities. I’m counting down the days and getting excited to host a slew of teacher friends as we learn and grow together in our use of ClassFlow. In addition to hosting Camp ClassFlow, I’ll also be participating on the back channel with #campclassflow17. I’d encourage you to do the same!


Share with us in the comments below, which courses are you most excited about attending?