Our team of ClassFlow Ambassadors are all currently active in the K-12 Education space and all hold current status as a ClassFlow Educator. ClassFlow Ambassadors are movers and shakers in the EdTech world, and love to share their #classflowlove with others.


Become a 2017-2018 ClassFlow Ambassador

Are you interested in becoming a 2017-2018 ClassFlow Ambassador? If you have the following five qualities:

  1. Current ClassFlow Educator
  2. Active socially in the world of #edtech
  3. Experience blogging
  4. State, local, regional, or national education conference speaker or presenter
  5. Active in the K-12 education space

then we need to chat about your #classflowlove! Please email edprograms@classflow.com or reach out to@classflowbeth if you are interested in joining our top notch team of ClassFlow Ambassadors.


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