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Easy-to-use interface for ClassFlow Desktop

Supports popular
lesson file formats

ClassFlow Desktop upports all popular lesson file formats

Works both off-line
and on-line

Works both offline and online

Available for Windows® and Mac® operating systems

ClassFlow is available for Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® operating systems
Easy to use interface for ClassFlow Desktop.

Teaching with a
Modern Touch

Create/open/present interactive lessons and activities

Draw and annotate over content and images

Launch instant whiteboard for freestyle writing and drawing

Snapshot screen and save

Includes a suite of powerful interactive teaching tools such as protractors, calculators, rulers, and more!

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Connect On-line and
Collaborate with Students

Connect students to your lesson in real-time.

Send quizzes, polls, and activities to students using laptops, Chromebooks™, tablets, smartphones, or learner response clickers.

Foster collaboration and self management skills

with FREE ClassFlow Student Accounts

Access instructional materials, assignments and other information relevant to class curriculums.

Digital Backpack
Cloud-based storage, or “digital backpack”, where students can upload and organize their own learning resources.

Anytime, Anywhere Access
Students have 24/7 access to resources in school, at home, or on the go.

Find millions of interactive lessons, resources, and activities from educators around the world

Explore the ClassFlow Marketplace – an open community where teachers can find interactive instructional materials such as lessons, unit plans, assessments, teaching guides, and worksheets

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