Learn some of the benefits of differentiated instruction (DI) in the classroom.

Have you ever had that student who was mortified to be pulled from class to be tested? Or maybe experienced the situation where a student knew, and other students knew, that a different version of a test was being given to a select few? Do you ever wonder how you would feel if you were put in that student’s shoes?

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Trying to give out different versions of a test or assignment can be a challenge for teachers and embarrassing for students. As educators, we work hard to make essential modifications to tests and assignments for our students, but don’t want to single out students by making it obvious when giving them different versions of work or assessments. Making adjustments without bringing unneeded or unwanted attention is a real struggle that teachers have to try and overcome.

There has to be a better way….right?

There is a better way!

With ClassFlow, you can differentiate what you send out to your students so that only you know who is getting what version of lessons or assessments. The students are only aware of what shows up on their device. This ability gives you the autonomy as a teacher to differentiate instruction (DI) without bringing attention to anyone. Discreetly taking care of all of this DI is one reason that ClassFlow gets to earn the hashtag #classflowlove in my opinion. This makes life so much easier! If you play your cards just right, automatic grading may be included…added bonus…more #classflowlove!

Taking things a step further, not only can different students receive different assessment and information on an individual basis, but groups may also be set up. With DI groups in ClassFlow, it is a cinch to differentiate lessons with just a few clicks of the mouse! The time it takes to set up groups is a small price to pay for the confidence that students gain and the embarrassment saved from having to be singled out in class. Students can feel the #classflowlove too!

Now it is your turn, how do you DI in your classroom?


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