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As educators, we are aware that each student learns differently. From educational backgrounds to cultural backgrounds and language abilities, each student is unique in how they learn and where they are on the learning journey. Knowing that a one-size-fits-all methodology does not work in most educational settings means that many educators adjust the curriculum with a differentiated and personalized learning approach.



As teachers, differentiated learning means that we tailor instruction to the specific needs of students. Teachers differentiate their instruction through content, process, products, and the learning environment.  

  • Content: When differentiating the content, the teacher adjusts the actual subject matter and concepts students need to learn.
  • Process: Differentiating the process involves the adjustment of the activities students engage in to acquire learning.
  • Products: When considering the product or outcome of the learning, it is important to consider what students will create or produce to demonstrate mastery of the concept. How will students apply their new learning?
  • Learning Environment: Each classroom is unique in its physical setup, the learning culture and sense of community, and students’ personalities. The way the teacher structures the classroom, such as the layout, atmosphere, lighting, furniture arrangements, and classroom management system are all large factors in differentiation.


Personalized Learning or Personalization

Personalized learning is specific to each student’s needs. Teacher and student conferences allow students to express what they want to learn and how they want to learn. Personalized learning allows students to learn at their own pace with their preferred learning methods. Students are the focus of personalized learning.


Differentiation Personalization
In differentiation, the learning goal/objectives remain the same for all students; instruction is going to vary Learning is highly student driven and requires a high-level of communication between student and teacher
Instruction and learning is still heavily supported by the teacher Teachers serve as facilitators who support learning that is driven by students

How can ClassFlow support differentiated and personalized learning environments?

ClassFlow is Promethean’s next-generation lesson delivery software. With ClassFlow, teachers can create an interactive learning environment that ensures the engagement of every student. Teachers can create interactive lessons for students to engage with and present lessons on an interactive board, panel, or they can use 1:1 and BYOD options with ClassFlow.


ClassFlow student grouping options allow teachers to create customized lessons that can be deployed to small groups and individual students. Lessons may include a variety of resources and elements, such as PDF articles with questions, simulated experiments, assessments, and activities. The opportunity for creating custom differentiation and personalized learning options is significant.


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