Read the stories shared by teachers on the power of polling with ClassFlow.

Recently ClassFlow conducted a “Passion for Polling” contest where we asked our users to share stories on how they use the ClassFlow Polling feature to make lessons engaging. We were overwhelmed with the responses and wanted to share with you some of the best stories we received:


Sarah DeVan, 5th Grade, Maryland

“I love using polling, especially when teaching math. The students can show their work when they solve problems and then when they all submit they can see multiple strategies and learn from any mistakes made. It is so motivating for my students! They love ClassFlow”


Nicole Cremeens, 8th Grade ELA, Illinois

“I love the creative option. It’s great because the students can draw on the screen using their devices and move things around. It makes it so much more interactive than just choosing a, b, c, or d (which is useful at times). I also use the true/false and the word seed to help check for understanding as an exit ticket.”


McKenzie Leah Cox, Kindergarten, South Carolina

“I haven’t been using ClassFlow long, but I created a Plant 🌱 lesson and used the multiple-choice polling option to visually see students’ answers and opinions like “What is your favorite plant?” I’m used to ActivInspire, but I’m excited about the new polling options plus the activities you can plug in the lessons as well. As part of the plant assessment, I used the creative polling option to see if students could draw a plant and talk about the different plant parts.”

Here is the link to my All About Plants lesson in the ClassFlow Marketplace.


Angela Cavalier, 8th Grade Mathematics, Wyoming

“I have been able to eliminate using white boards and markers using polling in ClassFlow. With budget cuts, this was a huge seller for my admin, and the kids loved seeing their answers and others answers on the board. They can critique and learn from each other’s successes and mistakes. I’m now helping others in my department experience the effectiveness of using ClassFlow and polling in their classroom.”


Lori Lopez, Instructional Technology Coach, Texas

“I’m all about the creative!!!! When I discuss the reasons to use ClassFlow, the interactive ability for students to submit their answers on the same page you are displaying is pretty awesome. Kids are constrained by the typical ways to answer. It shows us what they know or grasps over a skill or a concept.”


Jeanine Blum Post, High School, Florida

“Polling is probably my favorite feature of ClassFlow. As a language teacher, I use it to promote conversation in the classroom. Everyone gets to respond rather than just those who are brave enough to raise their hand.”


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