As of December 31, 2023, the Service will be sunsetted. At that time, you will no longer be able to access your ClassFlow account. If you would like to retain any of the content in your ClassFlow account, you will need to export that content before December 31, 2023. Our support article will walk you through exporting your ClassFlow content in a few easy steps.

In the meantime, we invite you to register for an Explain Everything account at, where you will find the various service options. Explain Everything allows you to easily import your ClassFlow PDF lessons, images and videos and explore your options to create interactive lessons, record video tutorials and collaborate in real-time with your students.

Learn how Promethean Planet and ActivInspire have evolved into ClassFlow Marketplace and ClassFlow Desktop respectively.

Little is known about the life of Greek philosopher Heraclitus. However, his stance on change has been well recorded in his quote, “The only thing that is constant is change.”

In the education space, this quote thoroughly applies as curriculum, standards, state testing procedures, and technology are continually updated. To keep up with teachers on the leading edge, there came a time for Promethean Planet to evolve.

At Promethean, we are proud to look back and note that Promethean Planet first came about in 2006. Over a decade ago this amazing teacher community was developed by teachers for teachers. The bulk of Promethean Planet’s teacher members were users of Promethean’s Interactive Whiteboards and ActivInspire. However, with the rise of technology integration in the classroom, the expansion of BYOD, and 1:1 initiatives, it became more apparent that it was time to catch up with these trends. ClassFlow was born when Promethean decided to combine the best of Promethean Planet and ActivInspire to create a solution for the modern classroom.

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ClassFlow comprises a marketplace and a lesson delivery platform, which offers both online and offline lesson delivery capabilities. 

ClassFlow Marketplace

Inside the ClassFlow Marketplace, you will find a variety of free and premium K-12 educational content. Users familiar with Flipcharts can still find those in addition to multimedia content such as 3D models, simulations, PDFs, and PowerPoint files.

Software Online and Offline

ClassFlow is Promethean’s next-generation platform for lesson delivery. While ClassFlow offers a fantastic cloud-based solution that is device-agnostic and is free for everyone, some classrooms often battle with internet connection issues. ClassFlow Desktop is the answer for teachers that have the desire to present interactive lessons offline. This solution may be downloaded and trialed by anyone for 90 days. If you wish to use ClassFlow Desktop beyond the trial period, you can attend our upcoming webinar series to learn more.


Learn more about the ClassFlow software both online and offline.



The ClassFlow Support Team offers help in many different ways. The easiest way to get help while using ClassFlow is to chat with the team directly by clicking on the mint green question mark in the upper right corner of ClassFlow. Other forms of support can be found on the support page.

ActivInspire to ClassFlow Migration – Webinar Series 

If you’re looking for additional information, please register for our upcoming webinar series designed to help teachers master some of ClassFlow’s finest features. Through this free online training, you will learn to navigate the ClassFlow ecosystem and use tools similar to the ones ActivInspire offered. Above all, you will learn to create engaging presentations, use ClassFlow features in an offline environment, make easy edits to customize resources from the Marketplace and take your classroom engagement to the next level with ClassFlow’s polling functionality!