Learn how to publish resources to the ClassFlow Marketplace.

Watch a short video and review the steps on publishing your resources to the ClassFlow Marketplace. #classflowmkpl


  • Select your resource found in My Resources folder
    My Resources
  • Select Edit Lesson button
  • Select Lesson Properties button
  • Fill in All Property Fields (Title, Description, & Tags are searchable)
  • Enter Tags: Type in the word and hit Enter – cursor will move and repeat to add more tags
      >   >    >  
  • Select Save button
  • Select Exit button at top of screen to go back to this specific resource in My Resources folder (NOTE: “All changes saved” message appears)
  • Select Publish button (Status: GRAY Shopping Cart)
  • Select your Price (Free or Paid)
    • If select Free, then Check box to Agree to the Terms & Conditions
    • If select Paid, then Set Your Price ($0.90 minimum).  Fill in Vendor Setup information (First & Last Name and your PayPal Email Address to earn cash immediately when someone buys your original published resource from the Marketplace) > Select Save button and Check box to Agree to the Terms & Conditions
  • Choose whether to Protect Content (NOTE: If you Check box, then your resource can not be customized by other users after it is downloaded or purchased.)
  • Fill in All Property Fields (if you did not do so when building your resource in a prior #4 step above)
  • Review / Enter more Tags
    SMART TIP:  Be sure to tag your First & Last Name and/or your Public Display Name (used for your ClassFlow account) for each of your original resources published in the Marketplace.

  • Select Publish button
  • Select Publish button to confirm (pop-up message)
  • Receive GREEN Congrats message at top of your screen above My Resources folder
  • Your resource is now Published in the Marketplace (Status: GREEN Shopping Cart)
  • Your resource is listed as Published in your My Resources folder alongside the resource type and last modification date (in this case, the date you created your resource).