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I started out the year giving a weekly homework to my students to keep the math they are currently learning and have previously learned, fresh in their brains. Students received a half sheet of paper with 5 problems for each night, Monday through Thursday. They were due by the end of the school day on Friday. Then, I spent my weekend grading over 100 homeworks and trying to give feedback in addition to other things that needed to be graded!

I knew something had to change or I was going to go crazy! I didn’t want to stop giving the homework because I think it’s beneficial for a cyclical review. I NEEDED to go paperless, have automated grading, and still be able to give the students feedback. I could use ClassFlow assignments!

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We’ve been using ClassFlow for warm-ups and delivering mini-lessons since the beginning of the year, but I hadn’t really delved into the assignment feature yet. I decided to give it a try to see if it could solve my “weekend full of grading” problem and it has totally exceeded my expectations!

I started by logging in and creating a new assignment. Then, I knew I would have to use the assessment feature to create the questions for each night and have it automatically grade each question. What I love about the assessment tool is that you can set it to provide feedback for students if they get the wrong answer.

So, let me get this straight, I can send a digital assignment to my students, it will automatically grade it, AND provide feedback for a students if they get a question wrong?! YES!

My students are loving the instant feedback that they get, and I’m hearing from parents that they like this feature as well! Once the students submit the assignment, I can give additional feedback if I want or “re-deliver” it to students to retry for more credit/mastery.

I cannot even estimate how much time moving our weekly homeworks to paperless using ClassFlow assignments and assessments has saved me!


Old Weekly Homework format on paper


This is the assignment that I created for the first paperless weekly homework. Once it was complete, I “assigned” it to each class that I had already set up in ClassFlow at the beginning of the year.



I created an assessment for each night, Monday through Thursday, that had 5 questions pertaining to what students had been learning in class. Near the bottom, I typed in feedback for students who typed in an incorrect answer.



This is what it looks like when students “turn in” the assignment.  I can give a grade and give additional feedback if necessary. If a student did not do well on the weekly homework, I can choose to “re-deliver” and the student can try again for more credit/mastery.




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