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In this world of new and shiny, constant updates, never ending newer and fancier models and ways of making things work, one thing I know for sure is that some days it has to be all about the simple things. We could easily lose our minds in this fast paced, ever changing field, and if you don’t have a few really good ways to make it all just a little simpler, you might just find yourself feeling the digital overload. The good news is that just getting a few go-to “simple” parts of your day adds to your productivity and keeps you on pace to keep up with all the rest! I am excited to share a few go-to practices I use to keep it simple, but impactful each day.

If you do not use Chrome and have set pages to open on launch, you are missing out. I work hard to help my teachers get this very simple practice in place, so each day they aren’t spending time on opening up each and every important site they will use most of the day. It keeps us all focused on what really needs to be done, and less concerned with tasks that take more time! Set Pages found in the settings of Chrome will save you minutes each day! Simple and seamless!

Sticky NotesDon’t ask me why, but Post-it® notes are my nemesis. Ok, go ahead…because I will tell you that from the moment I write on one and attach it to the desk of insanity, it is bound to go missing in no time. I can’t tell you the number of webpages I open from a link and without a doubt, I am interrupted minutes later. By the time I make it back, I forget why I even opened that site in the first place. In comes Note Anywhere, a wonderful little Chrome extension that lets me drop an online post-it on the website reminding me what it is I was looking for in the first place! Simple, oh so simple, and keeps me sane for sure!

Productivity for me means I need to be efficient when I’m helping teachers, doing mobile device management, managing curriculum support software, and those other little things I get into during the day. The reality is that I also need that same productivity when I am teaching. When I only get 40-45 minutes with a class, every minute counts, and I need to be able to minimize my instructions and modeling so students and work, and I can facilitate. My answer to this is ClassFlow Desktop. It stays tucked over on the side of my screen when I am not teaching, and in seconds I can pop it out, deliver a poll, jump to a whiteboard, and quickly get back to my web based resource. Simple, oh so simple, and beyond easy to use without taking up valuable instructional time. I love the simplicity of ClassFlow Desktop for sure!


As Confucius said…

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

Let’s prove him wrong a time or two and make things simple for ourselves!


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