Ready-made activities can be found in the ClassFlow Marketplace or they can be customized by selecting from 10 different types of activities in the Activity Builder.

ClassFlow Activities are fun and engaging resources that are created in the ClassFlow Activity Builder. You can find ready-made activities in the ClassFlow Marketplace or you can customize your own with 10 different types of activities in the Activity Builder. With so many choices available, below are a few examples of how teachers use activities in their classrooms, with a focus on categorize and matching activities.


Categorize Activities


Categorize - ClassFlow Activity

Submitted by Toni Madison – 7th Grade Math Teacher, Virginia

“I added this activity to the end of our adding integers mini-lesson so students can practice deciding if the sum of an integer expression is positive, negative, or zero. My students tend to be quite competitive, so after they practice, they always want to have a ‘showdown’ on the interactive whiteboard to see who can get the fastest score! They absolutely love ClassFlow Activities embedded into lessons!”


Submitted by Jasmine Easterlin – 4th Grade Math and Science Teacher, South Carolina

“I used the vocabulary words from our weather unit, and the students’ task was to categorize them into the weather topic that each word belongs. For example, ‘thunderstorm’ would be categorized as ‘severe weather.’ The students enjoyed this activity, and it helped them to organize their words in a way that helped students define them.”


Matching - ClassFlow ActivityMatching Activities


Submitted by Andrea Tolley – 6-8th Grade, Microsoft Imagine Academy, Tennessee

“Middle schoolers are sometimes too cool for school and too cool for the activities that you prepared for them. However, the activities in ClassFlow, such as this matching activity, brings out the competitive nature in them. They see the timer start and they are ready to take action and get to it. Not only do they want to be the first one to complete the activity and win a small prize, but they also want to know if they had the fastest time among all the classes. It is fun to watch them having such a good time learning without even knowing that they are learning!”


Submitted by Dr. Valerie Camille Jones – 8th Grade, Geometry, Georgia

“I love using matching activities as a “Do Now” opening game to get my class started. Starting with a match game causes my students to run to class and quickly log into ClassFlow to begin the fun. I use the angle matching activity for an interactive visual review of the math vocabulary concepts that we are using in class. Students must match the word or phrase with the visual representation for angles. After the activity, my students will already be logged into ClassFlow to receive their lesson for the day.”


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