Learn more about suggested, terrific teacher resources such as ClassFlow.

Hey teacher! Are you looking for some quality online resources to use in your classroom? Are you looking for a lesson without recreating the wheel? Then you need to check out these terrific teacher resources:

  • Smart Exchange –  If you use the Smartboard then you need to create free educator account for Smart Exchange. Smart Exchange has interactive notebooks and lessons created by teachers for teachers. All you need to do is download the lesson. You can search by grade level, subject area, or type of file. So start searching! 
  • ClassFlow Marketplace – Offers resources and lessons for you to use with your FREE ClassFlow account. You can filter your search by price (free or paid), customer review, subjects, language, grade, and file format. The lessons are created by teachers for teachers and is a great way to get started with the tool. Promethean planet has merged with ClassFlow – be sure to look there for any lessons and resources to use on your promethean board. 
  • Teachers Pay Teachers –  I am sure we have all heard of this tool, but is a great one to mention here. You can search by grade, subject, price, and type of resource. You can also search for featured lessons.
  • Share my lesson – This site offers thousands of FREE lessons created by teachers for teachers. You can search by grade level, news stories with lesson plans (great for social studies teachers), and featured lessons. Check it out today! 
  • PDE SAS – If you live in Pennsylvania then you need to check out PDE SAS portal for lesson plans based on standards. You can search by standard and grade level to find a lesson plan with supporting materials associated with it. 
  • TES – Offers lessons and resources for elementary, middle, and high school teachers. You first search by grade level then you search by subject area. You can also check out the trending resources. Some resources are paid and others are FREE.  Put this one on your list to check out. 
  • Teach Wise – Offers many free and low cost lesson ideas and plans. You can search by grade level, price, and subject area. You can also check out the featured and new lessons sections of this site. What is interesting about this site is that it offers college, special education, adult education, and home school categories to search. 


Where do you go to find resources, lesson plans, and strategies to use in your classroom? 

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