Learn about the top ClassFlow FAQs from our User Engagement Team Consultants.

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers! ClassFlow User Engagement Team Consultants Kathryn Vaughn and Courtney Salazar addressed some common ClassFlow FAQs in a live webinar. We’re happy to share a quick overview of these questions below

1. What is ClassFlow?

ClassFlow is a FREE collaborative learning software for the next generation classroom. It simplifies the way that teachers discover, create, and deliver interactive learning. It also makes it easier than ever to teach and assess students in the modern classroom. ClassFlow is especially useful when students are using their own devices in 1:1 or BYOD environments. ClassFlow is cloud-based. It is accessible on any device with internet access.

2. How do I share lessons?

There are several instances in which you might want to share a lesson. Perhaps there is a lesson that you’d like to share with your PLC, grade level team, teaching partner, or even with students. When in My Resources in ClassFlow, select the lesson you desire to share and click on the share icon (if you don’t see the share icon, check under the cog). You may share via email or with a shareable link.

3. How do I add object actions?

In Lesson Builder, you can add actions to most objects that are on a card. Objects such as text boxes, images, and shapes are a few examples of items that you may choose to add an action. When in Lesson Builder, select the object that you want to assign a specific action. Once the object is selected, click on the cog and choose the actions option. The drop-down menu of actions available will allow you to choose a specific action. After you save the action chosen for that specific object, you can preview how it works. Actions are a fun way to add an element of fun to your lesson.

4. How do I easily create graphic organizers?

You can do this in a couple of ways. If it is something that requires straight lines. Our pen tool is perfect for this. Not only can you create custom graphic organizers, but you can choose from one of the dozens of graphic organizers ready-made in the ClassFlow Marketplace. From a blank card in Lesson Builder, choose the icon that looks like a file folder and select the ClassFlow Resource Pack. From within the ClassFlow Resource Pack, choose Lesson Building Resources. Next, you’ll find a folder of graphic organizers. These are available for preview and make a great addition any lesson. Once graphic organizers are in a lesson they can be moved and resized.

Example of a Then/Now T-Chart from the ClassFlow Resource Pack.

5. How do I insert resources to a lesson?

Adding resources to a card can be done within the Lesson Builder. The step by step directions can be found in the Help library, and this quick video below provides a tutorial to guide you through the process.

6. How can I search the Marketplace and use resources I find there?

If you’ve not yet explored the ClassFlow Marketplace, now is the time to do so. The Marketplace is home to millions of resources that are made by publishers, by ClassFlow, and most importantly, by other educators. In the Marketplace, you can search by different grade levels, by subject areas, and by file type. You can even search by Common Core Standards. Additionally, you may search by keyword. If the resource you find is something you are interested in, you may choose to either add it to your resources or deliver it directly. Remember, when you choose the Add to my Resources option, you’ll find the items in your Marketplace folder in the My Resources tab.

Search the ClassFlow Marketplace by subject, grade, file format, and more!

7. How do I use interactive polling?

Interactive polling is a favorite feature of ClassFlow. Students may participate through their student account or via the Open Class feature. Upon logging in, students initially see a holding screen with a landscape or nature scene. Holding screens are meant to redirect a student’s attention back to the teacher. When students connect to your class, your polling button will become activated. There are eight polling options from which you may choose. Any of these options will allow you as the teacher to send a card and a poll question to students. On the teacher side of the platform, you will be able to see results in real time. Responses may be kept anonymous or with displayed with the student name visible. Not only are you able to see results in real time, but you may also choose to view them in a graph or a pie chart.

8. How do I save an Instant Whiteboard session?

Instant Whiteboards are perfect for getting started with your class quickly. Many teachers use the Instant Whiteboard feature for a bell ringer or warm up. The pen tool, addition of images, and sending of cards or polls are activities that work within the Instant Whiteboard environment. When you click exit from within the Instant Whiteboard environment, you will have the ability to rename and save your Instant Whiteboard session.

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