We all have had that one teacher. The one that was inspirational, passionate, funny, and made us believe we could be anything we put our minds to. We asked some of our team members here at Promethean who their most influential teacher was and to express our gratitude to those who made a difference in our worlds. 

And to all of our educators, THANK YOU. 

Which teacher has influenced you the most and why?

Kathryn V.- I always wanted to be a teacher, but Mrs. Hogan is the reason I wanted to become a fifth grade teacher.  She had a beautiful balance of academics, structure, empathy, and humor. I have such fond memories of fifth grade, thanks to her.  I was also lucky enough to teach across the hall from Mrs. Hogan my first three years as a classroom teacher, so I continued to learn from her as a peer for many years.


LuAnne B.- One of my favorite teachers was Mr. Caffro, my Speech teacher. He made you get out of your comfort zone yet made everyone feel comfortable when speaking in front of your peers. Who would’ve thought I would turn those skills into a career? Thank you Mr. Caffro!



Elisa M. – My love of reading came from many teachers but I am thankful for Mrs. Wenig from 3rd grade. She read out loud and explained scenes when the words were confusing. Her caring and kindness was so evident. “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” still takes me back to that classroom with me sitting on the rug mesmerized by her voice. I will never forget her!



Heather L.- Mrs. Kempton was my favorite teacher. She instilled in me a love for reading by reading chapter books to us and we were always doing fun really cool science stuff like making our own solar ovens.  She also used a token economy throughout the year which was full of life lessons. Thank you Mrs. Kempton.


Emma L.- Mrs Emm who taught me both English and Drama at secondary school, was my most influential teacher. Mrs Emm’s lessons were engaging and full-on from the moment you walked in her classroom; no time was ever wasted – there was too much to get on with! Her passion for both traditional and modern playwrights was contagious and she is responsible for my love of the theatre to this day. Mrs Emm taught with purpose and enthusiasm, making sense of the most difficult of Shakespeare’s hidden meanings with great comparisons and concrete examples, giving everyone the chance to enjoy it. As well as the given curriculum she taught us to be confident and have the courage of our convictions. Mrs Emm inspired me to become a teacher; thank you for everything Mrs Emm.


Amber P.-  The most influential teacher I had was my high school math teacher, Mrs. Faul. Not only was she the one that encouraged me to become a math teacher myself, but she was kind, warm, and always willing to listen. Without asking questions, she knew that I was going through a tough time at home and always gave me the extra support that I needed. Thank you, Mrs Faul.